Competitive Pathway
Girls U14 – A Cup

The program’s primary focus is to develop and support players wishing to pursue soccer at a post-secondary level while competing at the Provincial A Cup level.

Players will train 2-3 times a week and compete in the Competitive League on Vancouver Island. The goal for the team is to qualify for the Canada Soccer National Championships.

The team will also attend college showcases for players to be scouted by college and university caches. College showcase rosters may include invited players outside of the Program.

Changes brought forward by BC Soccer to the BCSPL intake and exciting years and the need to foster a stronger pathway connecting youth to adult soccer have helped guide WIA’s program offerings.



Eddie Mukahanana

UEFA A Diploma
Canada Soccer A Licence
United States Soccer Federation A License
Respect in Sports
Making Headway in Soccer
Make Ethical Decisions

Mental Health in Sport
Technical Director Diploma 
Michael S

Michael Steuart

CANADA SOCCER  Youth Licence 
Active Start
Learn to train
Respect in Sports
Making Head Way in Soccer
Make Ethical Decisions

Technical Director Diploma 

The program provides

  • A focus on individual technical training
  • A focus on positional tactical training
  • Access to Sports Sciences
  • Competitive environments

Training sessions include

  • Team field sessions with an emphasis on topics such as proactive decision-making and tactical game management
  • Team strategies
  • Speed of play

Program Schedule

Pre-Collegiate Program – August 2024 to March 2025
BC A CUP – May 2025 to July 2025 (Not included in Program Fees)

Training Block 1: August – December 2024

  • Training session locations – CML TURF
  • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical)
    • 75 mins training sessions
  • 1x League game per week

Training Block 2: January – March 2025

  • Training session locations – CML TURF
  • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical and Physical)
    • 75 mins training sessions
  • 1x League  game per week
  • The Players College Showcase Tournament in Las Vegas (March 2024)

Training Block 3: April – June 2025

    • WIA will declare a team into A Cup
    • Training session locations – UVIC/ CML Turf
    • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical and Physical)
      • 75 mins training sessions

 Program Fees

  • $2,200 includes GST
  • Additional Fees
    • $150 Full Kit Fee includes GST (New Players)
  • All 18 players receive
    • A Standards-based curriculum
    • 2-3  Technical/Tactical sessions per week
    • Strength and Conditioning sessions
    • Lower Island Soccer Association Development League Games
    • Professional coaching
  • Fees include BC A CUP (Tier 2) April – June 2025

Training Schedule (2024/2025)

MonTechnical Sessions7:00 pm – CML TURF
WedTechnical/Physical Training7:00 pm – CML TURF
FriTactical Sessions5:30/6:45 pm – CML TURF/UVIC TURF
SatLISA Matches12:30/2:00 pm – CML TURF


Season Plan

Physical Development: Primary development of aerobic power, acyclic speed and explosive strength.

Technical: Focus on speed of passing and receiving technique, ball controlling in small space, perception and quick execution of passing, overall ball control, receiving to turn at speed and finishing.

Psychosocial: Commitment to the team, increased concentration and self-control.

Tactical: Application of attacking and defending principles in SSG.

Social/Emotional: Cooperation, Communication, Respect and Discipline.

  1. Making passes, receiving to turn and finishing at speed under pressure
  2. Playing short passes at speed in small spaces.
  3. Coordination of tactical principles with teammates.
  4. Coordinate the counterattack and pressing in SSG.
  5. Show good fitness in mid/high demanding aerobic power practices.
  6. Showing good technique under pressure in fatigue.


WIA  Coaches will coach a U15/16 under the LISA Tier 2 BCSA A Cup.

The winner of the Tier 2 Cup will qualify for the BC Soccer Provincial A Cup Championship.


The WIA players have the opportunity to explore professional opportunities in Spain and Portugal through our exchange programs. There are also opportunities to be scouted at international tournaments and college showcases in the US and Canada.

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