Westcastle International Academy players from outside Victoria, BC, stay with host families and attend high school or university while enrolled in the Academy.

Canadian Homestay Network

Westcastle International Academy works with the Canadian Homestay Network, an organization that has helped tens of thousands of students find a home away from home in Canada since 1995. Over the years they have earned the industry’s best reputation for client satisfaction, based on common values, successful experience, and the highest professional standards in the industry.

Before departure, CHN will:

  • Help you apply for homestay;
  • Send you a host profile with information on the host family selected for you;
  • Send you documents about Canadian culture and the keys to successful experience in homestay.

On arrival and during the period of the homestay, CHN will:

  • Provide a formal orientation to prepare you for homestay;
  • Ensure that you are supported as you learn to take public transit, access a health clinic, open a bank account, and so on;
  • Talk to you during the first month to see how you are adjusting to school and homestay;
  • Help you communicate effectively with your homestay host and resolve difficulties, as required;
  • Meet with you whenever you need to talk;
  • Provide 24-hour support to you, in the event of an emergency.


Because fees and services vary in regions across Canada, please contact studentinfo@canadahomestaynetwork.ca for information based on your study and accommodation requirements.

For an additional fee, we also offer:

  • Airport pickup and/or return service
  • Special Learning Programs (such as Home Tutoring)
  • A location closer to your school or workplace
  • A private bathroom

Accommodation Options

All accommodations are located in appealing, safe neighborhoods accessible to the Academy and public transportation.

At CHN you can choose accommodations to suit your budget. ALL of our hosts meet our high standards for safety and cleanliness.

All accommodations include, at a minimum:

  • A furnished room with a window
  • A bed with clean linen (sheets, pillow, and blankets)
  • Private storage for your belongings (such as a chest of drawers or a closet)
  • Access to a shared bathroom with your own clean towels
  • A quiet place to study, usually in your own room.

Please note: special requests (like dietary restrictions) will be taken into consideration.

CHN works in more than forty communities in Canada, from coast to coast, including small towns in beautiful rural areas and every major city in Canada. Their service is the most comprehensive and reliable in Canada. Below is a sample plan what is offered by CHN.

Meal PlanNumber of MealsType of MealsNotes
Full Board3 meals per dayBreakfast, Lunch & DinnerTypically students will prepare their own breakfast & lunch and host prepares dinner
Half Board
*meal plans are not available in all locations
2 meals per dayBreakfast & DinnerBreakfast is defined as typical breakfast items in regular portions such as: cereal, toast, juice, coffee, bagel, eggs, fruit or yogurt. Half board does not include taking food or snacks from the home to consume at school or while out socializing.
B&B (Bed & breakfast)
*meal plans are not available in all locations
1 meal per dayBreakfastStudent would only receive breakfast from the host (typically consisting of breakfast items) in regular portions such as: cereal, toast, juice, coffee, bagel, eggs, fruit or yogurt.
Room Stay0 mealsN/AAccess to kitchen and refrigerator storage shelves and cooking facilities are expected, for foods students purchase and prepare for themselves. Students are responsible for cleaning the kitchen after use.
Room Hold
*meal plans are not available in all locations
0 mealsN/AIntended for students who leave Homestay temporarily, without removing their belongings from the room. The host may not use this room for another student while the current student is away.

To learn more, visit the Canadian Homestay Network website.

Canadian Homestay Network

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