Apply to Westcastle International Academy

At WIA we limit our player to coach ratio to ensure the best development of our players. If you are interested in a program we highly recommend you submit an application as soon as possible.

Application Process For WIA Youth Club Programs

WIA hosts free ID camps for players applying to the Skill Centre, Pre-PDP and Pre-Collegiate programs.

Complete an application for the program you are interested in and attend the ID camps. Players must complete an application to attend an ID Camp.

WIA will send out rolling offers of admission after each ID camp session. ID camps are held in June, July and August.

Check for announced ID Camps here.

Player selection will be based on:

➔ Player commitment to the program

➔ Player’s psycho-social constitution: attention, attitude, coachability, concentration, creative thinking, decision-making, motivation

➔ Technical and Physical skill


The placement of a player is based on a variety of variables:

➔ “Soccer Age” ( a player’s maturity, physical age, technical ability and overall understanding of soccer)

➔ Stage of physical development and literacy (fluid and everchanging)

➔ Team dynamic

➔ Biological age

Some players may play in their biological age group, while others are placed on teams based on their soccer age. WIA technical coaches will decide a player’s placement on an individual basis.

Registration Process For WIA Supplementary Programs

Players interested in the Discovery Centre, Dedicated Player Program and Tier 2 Academy can complete a registration form online.

Discovery Centre is open to all new and emerging soccer players. The Dedicated Player Program is open to all registered, gold-level club players from any LISA Club.