WIA has a philosophy and style of play that is based on passing, position and possession. Every team, from U10 to U23 plays with the same style. Players are taught the system and are conditioned from an early age to play with a WIA mentality. They are trained to fit within the system so that as they progress through the ranks of the club they know what is expected at the next level.

Our Programs focus on all 4 aspects of development: Physical Literacy, Technical and Tactical training, and Psychosocial development using principles of periodization. Players are coached through fun and engaging training sessions, where the focus is placed on developing confident, creative, capable, and knowledgeable players.


The Discovery Centre is a community program for new and emerging players. Designed to introduce and develop basic soccer skills and gameplay, and enhance physical literacy, in a fun and engaging environment.


The Skill Centre is the Canada Soccer recommended development model for players of all abilities and is aligned with the best principles of player development.


The Pre-BCSPL U13 teams are a required component of WIA’s BCSPL Implementation Plan, the final step towards achieving the Canada Soccer National Youth Club License. This Program follows the same standards as BCSPL.

BCSPL (U14-U18)

Considered an integral part of the Canada Soccer Player Pathway (LTPD Stage 4), the Player Development Program (PDP) is defined by our National Association as the highest level of youth competition in Canada. Launching 2025.


The primary focus of the competitive Pathway is to develop and support players wishing to pursue soccer at a post-secondary level and beyond. WIA’s Competitive Pathway meets the same training standards as BCSPL teams.

“We need to develop individual players so that each player within our Academy has her/his own individual plan in order to take the next steps needed to play at their highest level. We use our Academy team more or less not to win games but to try to develop as many individual players as possible.” –Eddie Mukahanana, Technical Director

Westcastle International Academy