Westcastle International Academy’s Skill Centre Island Festival is built upon the goals of the CSA’s festival program, which is to introduce the sport of soccer to youth through a fun-filled event that both children and their families can enjoy.

Our festivals are sanctioned by the BC Soccer Association.

SUN FEB 18 and MON FEB 19, 2024

U10 / U11 / U12 – 3 games

U13  – 3 games plus a final

**final game played between top two teams per division (U13 girls and boys)

Age groupGame FormatRoster SizeGame DurationBall SizeRegistration Cost
U107 v 7 – including goalkeeper1050 mins4$400 / 3 games
U118 v 8 – including goalkeeper1250 mins4$400 / 3 games
U128 v 8 – including goalkeeper1250 mins4$400 / 3 games
U139 v 9 – including goalkeeper1470 min4$600 / 3 games + final top 2 teams

Maximum of THREE games per team (U10-U12)

Substitutions and Playing Time
Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed
Substitutions shall be allowed at stoppages under the control of the referee.
Players are encouraged to take equal turns in all field positions
including goalkeeper positions during a single game.

U13 teams are guaranteed 4 games, format is dependent on the number of entries at age group/division. 

U13 Format: 

  • 2 games in group stages (5 points win, 2 points tie, 1 point shut-out in a win)
  • 1 play off game (pks for tie game), 
  • 1 gold medal game (winners – Champions t-shirt )

Tournament Schedule release date: Feb 8, 2024

Refund Policy:

Refunds will be provided up to Feb 1st subject to a $100 administration fee. Refunds are not provided after Feb 1st.

Team/Player Eligibility:

As a BC Soccer sanctioned tournament, entry into the Tournament is open to teams that are properly affiliated with BC Soccer and/or other Provincial Associations. “Tournament Teams” are not permitted.

Teams from outside of BC must provide copies of approved travel documents, prior to the tournament, for their team/players from the Province of which they belong.

Only properly registered players, in good standing, shall be permitted to participate in the tournament.

Guest Players:

Teams may use a “pick-up”/guest player (e.g., a player who does not regularly play on your team) so long as the following criteria are met:

  • A player is not on the roster of another team participating in the tournament. A player can only play on one team in the tournament.
  • Players must be from the same or lower division. Players cannot “play down”.
  • If a team is from BC and the player is not registered with BC Soccer, the team must apply for a BC Soccer Short Term Event Player Permit for the player a minimum of 5 business days before the tournament date (Feb 13th, 2024).
  • Teams participating in Festival, wishing to “pick-up” a player registered with another team, must obtain written permission from the team and the Youth District if required with which the player is registered. This must be submitted to the tournament by Feb 13th, 2024.

Cancelation Policy:

In the event that weather forces the Festival to be cancelled, teams will have the option to receive a credit or refund of a percentage of their paid entry fee.  This credit is to be used in future Festival or tournaments (within one year), and will be given in the following increments:

  • 100% credit – no games played
  • 60% refund – 1 game played
  • 30% refund – 2 games played

WIA will do everything in our ability to reschedule games with priority given to travelling teams. Safety of the players and facilties rental rules will be the number determining factor. WIA will not be responsible to costs incurred by traveling teams.


Teams will be confirmed before February 1, 2024

4 – 6 teams  per division

Next Festival:
Feb – 2025