Technical Training Centre

The Technical Training Centre offers players several specialized functional development training sessions for Strikers, Midfielders, and Defenders in small groups. This program is appropriate for players playing at the BCSPL level and those preparing for the Lower Island Soccer Association Tier 2.

Our goal is to help every player acquire a deeper understanding of various positions on the field, explore their natural tendencies as a player and increase their technical and tactical acumen. We provide in-depth, age-appropriate training to every athlete along with soccer-specific strengthening and conditioning, so they will return to their respective teams more knowledgeable, skilled, and confident in their chosen position.

Central within the club is the style of play (4-2-3-1), training, behaviour and house rules. WIA strives to keep the way of playing football recognizable; attractive, offensive-minded, creative, fast, fair and preferably far away from the own goal on the opponents’ half.

Graduates of the U15-U16 program will be identified for entry into the Pre-Collegiate Pathway program. The Pre-Collegiate Pathway is a professionally coached, comprehensive, CSA standards-based program designed to better prepare student-athletes for the levels required to be competitive. WIA also provides a platform for these players to showcase themselves to universities and pro clubs through various tournaments in Canada, the US and abroad.

Lead Instructor

Eddie Mukahanana

UEFA A License
Canada Soccer A Licence
US Soccer A Licence
Respect in Sports
Making Head Way in Soccer
Make Ethical Decisions

Mental Health in Sport
Technical Director Diploma 

Program Overview

The once a week training sessions have been designed to examine and develop the necessary skill sets of strikers, midfield, and defensive players in the modern game.

  • A focus on individual technical training
  • A focus on positional tactical training
  • Competitive environments

Training sessions include

  • Position Specific Training
  • Team field sessions with an emphasis on topics such as proactive decision-making and tactical game management
  • Team strategies
  • Speed of play

Youth Programs

Our Soccer Partners

Westcastle International Academy is proud to work with the following soccer partners.

  • University of Victoria
  • BC Soccer
  • Canada Soccer
  • Lower Island Soccer Association