The Position-Specific Centre

Players Ages U13-U16 (BCSPL & Tier 2)

To be effective in the game, individual players at the BCSPL and Tier 2 level must be trained and equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen position of play. The Position-Specific Centre offers players between the ages of 12 and 15 several specialized functional development training sessions for Strikers, Midfielders, and Defenders (including Goalkeepers) in small groups.

Our goal is to help every player acquire a deeper understanding of their position on the field, explore their natural tendencies as a player and increase their technical and tactical acumen. We provide in-depth, age-appropriate training to every athlete along with soccer-specific strengthening and conditioning, so they will return to their respective teams more knowledgeable, skilled, and confident at their chosen position.

Program Overview

WIA training sessions have been designed to examine and develop the necessary skill sets of strikers, midfield, and defensive players in the modern game. The program is based on the English FA: Developing Strikers, English FA: Developing Midfielders and the English FA: Developing Defenders courses.


Sessions have been designed to teach and develop the necessary goal-scoring skills of forward and midfield players in the modern game. The program equips players with the complementary tactical and technical skills necessary to be better goal scorers.

Topics include:

  • Skills that are central to producing excellent attacking players
  • Interchanges of position and roles with others
  • Receiving the ball and varied use of the first contact
  • Protecting the ball and escaping from the pressure
  • Intelligent movement and running in and around the penalty box
  • Defending skills
  • Striking at goal – varied skills and circumstances
  • Positioning and predicting play


Sessions have been designed to develop the skills, roles, responsibilities, and tactical requirements of the midfield player. Training sessions cover technical, tactical, athletic, and soccer smarts necessary for an effective midfield player.

Topics include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the central midfield player in the modern game
  • Skills that are central to producing excellent midfield players
  • Support, positioning, and movement
  • Turning with the ball
  • Protecting the ball and operating under pressure
  • Distribution – variety, range, and added qualities
  • Running with the ball
  • Major defending skills
  • Pressing, sliding, and screening


Sessions have been designed to examine and develop the defending skills and mental processes of the modern defender. Training sessions teach the role and responsibilities of different defending positions and support the development of the athletic capabilities needed of a defender as well as the technical and tactical skills required. It is designed to teach individual defending skills and also defending while working with others in units.

Topics include:

  • Marking – distances, reasons and inviting passes, etc
  • Tracking and back-tracking
  • Pressing and 1v1 responsibilities
  • Screening and blocking passes/crosses
  • Passing-on opponents (laterally/vertically)
  • Interceptions, spoiling possession, and containing opponents
  • Defending centrally
  • Defending against counter-attack
  • Defending against crosses

2022-23 Training Schedule


 Program Schedule

This supplementary program available for players in BCSPL and Club offers position-specific training and physical conditioning for players aged 12-15.

DatesWED 6:30-8amSUN 5:30-6:45pm
Spring 2022 April 6th – June 12, 2022Strength & ConditioningTechnical and Tactical
Fall 2022 – Winter 23 Sept 21  – Mar 12, 2023Strength & ConditioningTechnical and Tactical

Program Locations

  • University of Victoria: CARSA Studios (Wed)
  • University of Victoria:  TURF 3 (Sun)


  • $1,700  (September 2022 – March 12, 2023) 2x sessions/ week
  • $850 (September 2022 – March 12, 2023) 1x sessions/ week
  • WIA Training Kit (shirt + jacket) and potential for selection to Showcase Tournament
  • Please contact us for the Sibling rate or Financial Assistance

Refund policies are listed on registration forms when you register for the season or for a program. Please make sure you are aware of when the refund deadlines are and  the terms specific to them.

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Westcastle International Academy is proud to work with the following soccer partners.

  • University of Victoria
  • BC Soccer
  • Canada Soccer
  • Lower Island Soccer Association