Girls U13 Rangers (2011)

WIA is excited to launch the new Pre- PDP team for players U13  that will be coached by our experienced Canada Soccer Youth National Licensed coaches.

After conducting ID camps, the WIA has decided to only select players that are Under 13 to compete in the LISA League at U13 (Tier 3). Training sessions will be 2-3 times per week to meet the standards in the four areas of development: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychosocial.



Eddie Mukahanana

UEFA A Diploma
Canada Soccer A Licence
United States Soccer Federation A License
Respect in Sports
Making Headway in Soccer
Make Ethical Decisions

Mental Health in Sport
Technical Director Diploma 


Michael S

Michael Steuart

CSA Youth Licence 
CSA C Licence
Active Start
Learn to train
Respect in Sports
Making Head Way in Soccer
Make Ethical Decisions

Technical Director Diploma 

The Pre-PDP U13 Program runs August-March.

Training Block 1: 7 September 2023 – 14 December 2023

  • Training session locations – UVIC
  • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical)
    • 75 mins training sessions
    • Mon : 6:30-7:30pm (Futsal/Mental Training/ Physical Training): UVIC CARSA
    • Select one: Tues/Thurs: 3:30:  UVIC
    • Fri: 6:30pm UVIC Turf
  • 1x League game per week

Training Block 2: 9 January 2024 – 14 March 2024

  • Training session locations – UVIC
  • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical)
    • 75 mins training sessions
    • Mon : t.b.a (Technical/Mental/ Physical Training): UVIC Turf
    • Thurs: 3:30 – 4:45pm:  UVIC Turf
    • Fri: 6:30 – 7:30pm: UVIC Turf
  • 1x League game per week

Note: Block 3 – Tier 2 (A or B Cup)

Spring Program: April – June 2024

    • WIA may declare the team to play BC A cup or participate in Tier 2 under LISA
    • Training session locations – T.B.A
    • 3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical and Physical)
      • 75 mins training sessions

Physical Development: Primary development of aerobic power, acyclic speed and explosive strength.

Technical: Focus on speed of passing and receiving technique, ball controlling in small space, perception and quick execution of passing, overall ball control, receiving to turn at speed and finishing.

Psychosocial: Commitment to the team, increase concentration and self-control.

Tactical: Application of attacking and defending principles in SSG.

Social/Emotional: Cooperation, Communication, Respect and Discipline.

  1. Making passes, receiving to turn and finishing at speed under pressure
  2. Playing short passes at speed in small spaces.
  3. Coordination of tactical principles with teammates.
  4. Coordinate the counterattack and pressing in SSG.
  5. Show good fitness in mid/high demanding aerobic power practices.
  6. Showing good technique under pressure in fatigue.

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