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Residency Programs

WIA strives to perpetuate a prominent standard in quality football training, for all facets of the game. We value the importance of a comprehensive development program, built around the individual first, and the team second, and encouraging and supporting our athletes to succeed both on and off the field.

Our programs are designed to develop and produce technically sound, creative, and intelligent football players at all levels of play, and to develop and support any motivated player for the rigour of high-performance or professional club soccer across Canada and abroad.

The primary focus of the Residency Program is to develop and support out-of-town players 15-20 yrs old wishing to pursue soccer at a post-secondary level and beyond while they complete their academic programs.


WIA offers post graduation soccer opportunities for players to have trials or experience a professional environment with our partner clubs in Sweden and Portugal.

The player placement happens between April – June and August – October. Only players that have participated in the WIA programs or Elite ID camps can be placed.


Westcastle hosts player identification camps as part of the application process for admission to our programs. The camps allow players to meet our coaching staff and experience WIA training.

Players must attend our Elite ID Camps if they wish to join the program and attend the college showcases or international tournaments.

Visit our camps page for Player Identification Camp dates to apply for the  Residency Program.

Women’s Residency Program


The Residency program recruits players from within Canada and around the world to offer them a professional soccer program combined with a world class education in Victoria BC.

Men’s Residency Program


The Residency program develops players recruited from within Canada and around the world to offer them first class soccer and academic opportunities in Victoria, BC

“We need to develop individual players so every player within our academy has his own individual plan to make the steps needed to finally at the highest level. “We use our [academy] team more or less not to win games, but to try to develop as many individual players as possible .” –Eddie Mukahanana, Technical Director

Residency Programs