PCSL – Men’s

The Pacific Coast Soccer League is an amateur soccer league, currently featuring teams from British Columbia. In the past clubs from Washington and Oregon have competed. PCSL is considered to be British Columbia’s premier amateur summer league

The roster is built by combining players from the U21 Residency program, the U17 Pre-Collegiate Program and our VISL Men’s Div I team.

*Additional players may be invited as needed from other clubs or college programs to provide experience to the team – a registration fee is required.

Training Block 1: April 2024 – July 2024

  • Training starts 2nd week in April
  • Training session locations – CML Turf
  • 2-3 Training sessions per week (Technical, Tactical and Physical)
    • 60-90 mins training sessions
  • Fees: t.b.a (includes kit, travel to mainland and hotel fees)

Learning Objectives

Physical Development: Primary development of aerobic power, acyclic speed and explosive strength.

Technical: Focus on speed of passing and receiving technique, ball controlling in small space, perception and quick execution of passing, overall ball control, receiving to turn at speed and finishing.

Psychosocial: Commitment to the team, increased concentration and self-control.

Tactical: Application of attacking and defending principles in SSG.

Social/Emotional: Cooperation, Communication, Respect and Discipline.

Primary Learning Outcomes

  1. Making passes, receiving to turn and finishing at speed under pressure
  2. Playing short passes at speed in small spaces.
  3. Coordination of tactical principles with teammates.
  4. Coordinate the counterattack and pressing in SSG.
  5. Show good fitness in mid/high demanding aerobic power practices.
  6. Showing good technique under pressure in fatigue.

Pacific Coast Soccer League

Adult Programs

2024 Training Schedule


Our Soccer Partners

Westcastle International Academy is proud to work with the following soccer partners.

  • University of Victoria
  • BC Soccer
  • Canada Soccer
  • Lower Island Soccer Association